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Fawlty Towers

14 Oct, 2014 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Coming off the success of ‘Allo ‘Allo (http://www.ita.org.au/2014/07/allo-allo-reviewed-by-gordon-the-optom/) JETS are seeking actors for The Hotel Inspectors & Waldorf Salad.

Think you could be an awesome Basil? or a brilliant Manuel? or want to try your hand at any of the roles – some of which we all know and love, and others that are less familiar? Come along to auditions and show us what you’ve got.

The main / known characters eg Basil, Sybil, Polly, Manuel, Major – need to be as close to the show as possible. We need you to make the audience believe you have jumped out of their TV onto our stage.

Auditions will be held from 7.30pm next Tuesday 14th Oct, (don’t worry if you cant make that date, we can arrange another time for you to audition), at Padbury Community Hall, Caley Rd in Padbury. This is the venue that we will be performing in as well.

The season will be in February next year, but rehearsals will be starting prior to Christmas. We hope to get it all locked down by the end of October, so please respond as soon as you can if you would like to be a part of the show.

For Further information or to book your audition time, contact Sharon on Joondalup.encore@iinet.net.au or 0414 829 876 (I can be a little hard to catch during the day on this number as I work full time, but leave a message and I will get back to you).

Audition Contact: Sharon Wigley | 0414 829 876 (leave a message) | joondalup.encore@iinet.net.au

Basil Fawlty
Rude, snobbish, obtuse and with little patience, entering the hospitality industry was probably never the best move for Basil Fawlty. He is constantly frustrated by his wife and the guests who he considers a nuisance to the smooth running of his hotel. He’d dearly love to attract a higher class of clientele, but his own behavior and knack of getting into sticky situations will forever be his downfall.

Sybil Fawlty
She’s domineering and controlling, has a fiery temper, but manages to keep her cool much of the time. She takes a more pragmatic, collected and considered approach to the business and the hotel industry than Basil, although her lack of ambition does frustrate him.

Manuel is Fawlty Towers’ waiter, bell-boy, porter, and all-round dogsbody. Basil has hired him – with the intention of teaching him English – because he’s cheap, but any attempt at having him do something useful is thwarted due to Basil’s only rudimentary grasp of ‘classical’ Spanish, rather than the contemporary dialect Manuel is fluent in.

Polly Sherman
Polly is the only member of Fawlty Towers’ staff with a sign of ability or competence, and so the part-time waitress ends up doing almost everything. When not struggling to calm down Basil, placate Sybil or instruct Manuel, she can often be found doodling sketches, of which she sells enough “to keep me in waitressing”.
Mrs Tibbs and Mrs Gatsby
two permanent residents of Fawlty Towers. Seemingly inseparable, these sweet-natured, dotty spinsters appear to have taken a fancy to Basil, feeling that they need to take care of him. In response Basil vacillates between superficial charm and blunt rudeness during his conversations with them.

Major Gowen
Major Gowen is an old, befuddled, somewhat senile ex-soldier permanently residing in the hotel. He enjoys talking about the world (especially the cricket scores and workers’ strikes) and is always on the lookout for the newspaper. Though he shows surprise on occasion, his detachment from reality causes him to remain completely calm in the most bizarre of circumstances.

Terry Hughs
Terry is the sly, somewhat shifty Cockney chef at Fawlty Towers. Terry’s cooking methods are somewhat casual, which frustrates and worries the neurotic Basil.

Mr Hutchinson
Mr. Hutchinson is a self-righteous, loud and annoying guest with a brash, uncompromising, precise attitude and an irritating tendency to use many words when only a few would suffice.He is very persuasive in getting exactly what he wants. If he does not get what he wants, he argues about how other hotels have done things for him and how what is happening is wrong. He obviously considers himself to be very important and believes that as a customer, he really should come first.(Has a northerner/Man

Mr Walt
Mr. Walt seemed brash, and abrupt. He likes to be left alone, and seemed rather irritable (which may have been due to Basil’s extreme behavior). He has a clean, smooth appearance and talks with an touch of poshness.

Mr Hamilton
Harry Hamilton is a loud, boisterous American from California.Mr Hamilton is used to quality service and bribes Basil with twenty pounds to keep the kitchens open so that he and his wife can have a hot meal before going to bed.He is quick tempered and grows tired of Basil’s antics very quickly.

Mrs Hamilton
Mrs Hamilton, who is English but has lived in California for almost twelve years, tries to calm Harry down numerous times, and keep the peace. Almost the complete opposite of her husband She is calm,pleasant and polite.

Mr Libson
Mr Libson is a guest who appears in the Waldorf Salad talking to Sybil, though she was doing much of the talking and he did not seem to be enjoying it, however he was politely acknowledging what she said and agreeing with it.

Mr Arrad
Mr. Arrad appears to be fairly insecure, and is scared of his wife, who constantly henpecks him. While the guests wait patiently for their meals (which have been a long time coming) Mrs. Arrad tries to get her husband to stand up for himself and ask where their dinner is, as opposed to doing it herself.

Mrs Arrad
Mrs Arrad rules over her husband and henpicks him constantly.

Mr johnstone
Is a married man who finds the service at Fawlty towers unsatisfactory and has a brief quarrel with Basil over some off prawns

Mrs Johnstone
Is married to Mr Johnstone and is a tad quirky, she has a quarrel trying to convince Basil her prawns were off.

Miss Hare
Is A pleasant elderly lady and good friends with Miss Gurke. She tries her best to convince Miss Gurke that their horrible meal is not as bad as it is.

Miss Gurke
Is an elderly lady and good friends with Miss Hare. She is very displeased with the meal she has been given at Fawlty towers.


14 Oct, 2014
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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Joondalup Encore Theatre Society


Padbury Community Hall
15 Caley Rd
Padbury, Western Australia 6025 Australia
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