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Guards! Guards!

24 Jul, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

About the Show:

Everyone knows that dragons don’t exist . . .

But when one is magically summoned by a group of malcontents, fire awashes the great city of Ankh-Morpork in a bid to replace the elected Patrician with a King – that the villianous Lupine Wonse seeks to control. And all that is standing between order and chaos is the washed up members of the City Night Watch, a small swamp dragon called Errol and the Librarian (who is an Orangutan). This is a comedic adventure of dragons, people and apes!

Available Roles:

NOTE : Technically there is only one absolute FEMALE role in the production,
but most CHARACTERS can be played by either gender. This means either changing the gender of the original character, or playing some characters gender neutral.
The right person for the right role.

We are looking for a Cast of up to 20, so apart from Main Roles, we are seeking actors who can
double-up or even triple-up with some very good character roles, as well as being background extras.

Versatility, adaptability, a sense of humour, commitment and enthusiasm is what we will cast on.

CAPTAIN VIMES*m, 30s – 50s. Drunken, world-weary, but strong, defiant, no-nonsense leader.
LADY RAMKIN*f, 30s -50s. Aristocrat, but down-to-earth, pushy, no-nonsense pragmatist.
CARROT**m, 20s – 30s. Tall, muscular, keen, upright, literal, earnest.
LUPINE WONSE*m/f, 20s – 50s. Manipulative, villainous, strong-willed, dark.
VETINARI**m, 30s – 60s. Tall, thin, ruler of the city, manipulative, intelligent, ruthless.
SGT COLON**m, 40s – 60s. A coward at heart, but big and bold on the surface. Mostly loyal.
CPL NOBBS**m, 20s – 40s. A weedy, very odd, opportunistic character of dubious parentage.
FOOTNOTE**m/f, 20s +. Dramatic teller of the Prologue, and inserting bits of info during the play.
LIBRARIAN**m/f, 20s +. An Orangutan. Will be in Ape Costume. Communicates via Charades.
DEATH**m/f, 20s +. The Grim Reaper. Tall. Will need to fit into our Skeleton Puppet.
CARROT’s DAD*m/f, 20s +. A dwarf. Carrot’s adopted father. Earnest, embarrassed.
VARNESHI**m/f, 20s +. A human trader with the dwarf miners. Blunt, down-to-earth.
FINGERS**m/f, 20s +. A member of the Secret Society, the Elucidate Brethren. Disgruntled.
DOORKEEPER*m/f, 20s +. A member of the Secret Society, the Elucidate Breathe. Pedantic.
WATCHTOWER*m/f, 20s +. A member of the Secret Society, the Elucidate Breathe. Know-all.
PLASTERER*m/f, 20s +. A member of the Secret Society, the Elucidate Breathe. Not so bright.
DUNNYKIN**m/f, 20s +. A member of the Secret Society, the Elucidate Breathe. Snobby.
ZEBBO MOOTY*m/f, 20s +. An unfortunate Thief who is the first to be vaporised by The Dragon.*
DOORMAN**m/f, 20s +. A pedantic doorkeeper who lets none pass without the right passwords.
CMOT DIBBLER*m/f, 20s+. Opportunistic trader who cashes in on any crisis with dodgy merchandise.
WARRIORS**m/f, 20s +. Seasoned mercenaries. Could be valkyries, vikings, vampires or pirates.
PLUS***m/f, 20s +. Citizens of Ankh-Morpork, Elephants, the Great A’tuin, etc.

Audition Preparation:

Audition pieces will be made available at the AUDITIONS. You do not need to prepare anything beforehand. We will be casting on (obviously) suitability for the role(s), enthusiasm, committment, versatility, professionalism, and, yes, (even more obviously) talent.

Audition Contact:

Simon James/08 0399 9947/arenaarts@hotmail.com.au

Audition Details:

Audition Venue: LC Theatre, 60 Cleaver Tce, Belmont
Audition Date(s): SUNDAY 24th JULY and THURSDAY 28th JULY
Audition Time(s): SUNDAY 24th JULY in hour blocks from 1pm to 5pm. THURSDAY 28th JULY in hour blocks from 7pm to 10pm

Show Information:

Author: Terry Pratchett
Venue: LC Theatre, 60 Cleaver Tce, BELMONT
Theatre Company: ARENAarts
Show Dates: OCTOBER 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30 NOVEMBER 3, 4, 5, 6
Director: Simon James


24 Jul, 2016
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Event Category:


(08) 9399 9947


The Latvian Centre (LC Theatre)
60 Cleaver Terrace
Belmont, WA 6104 Australia
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