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6 Apr, 2015 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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About the show:

Agnes Nitt has arrived in the thriving metropolis of Anhk-Morpork to become an opera singer. At the opera house she meets a strange collection of people, singers, teachers, dancers, backstage crew and comes face to face with The Ghost of the Opera who trains her in the middle of the night to sing the great soprano roles. But things are going from bad to worse at the Opera House – crew attacked, instruments smashed, academics murdered! Has the Ghost gone even more mad??? Added into the mix are two witches from Lancre. Nanny Ogg has written a suggestive cookbook and is being stiffed on the royalties, so Granny Weatherwax drags her to the big city to sort it out. And to get Agnes to become the third member of their coven …

This comedy-adventure is typical of all Terry Pratchett stories, full of gentle and raucous humour, and a parade of very interesting characters. ARENA has produced five Pratchett productions since 2001 : “Wyrd Sisters”, “Lords and Ladies”, “Carpe Jugulum”, “Monstrous Regiment” and “Going Postal”.

Available Roles:

Please Note that ages/gender listed are Character ages, not necessarily actor ages/gender.

GRANNY WEATHERWAX, (F, 50s-70s), a witch of Lancre, she is tall and straight as to Nanny Ogg’s short and wide. Granny is stern, acerbic, blunt, brilliant and a force to be reckoned with. To be feared. She is intent on going to the “big city” to get Nanny the book royalties she is due, oh, and to get Agnes to be the third witch of their Lancre coven. Once she has her mind set on someth’nk, she gets her way.

NANNY OGG, (F, 50s – 70s), another witch of Lancre, short and wide as to Nanny’s tall and straight. Nanny is amiable, jolly, down-to-earth, a bit of a “wink-wink-nudge-nudge” gal. Always looking for the innuendo. Wrote a book of suggestive recipes that got published. She is a wise soul that tempers Granny’s intentfulness.

AGNES NITT, (F, 20s – 30s), built like the proverbial Soprano, yes – a role for the larger gal – she is a self-assured but under-confident, intelligent, questioning, a rather savvy young woman. Left her small village to follow her dreams of singing opera, but still hankers for the life of being a witch.

Here we must note that in Mr P’s Discworld, and as it is the case here in the history of our own planet, witches are not the wicked evil ugly old crones portrayed in history and myth, but are women with special skills – like being midwives, healers, vets, listeners, advisors, givers of natural remedies and down-to-earth folklore.

WALTER PLINGE, (M, 20s – 30s character, M or F actor), the Opera House’s dogsbody, er, gopher. A gem of a role for someone with physical comedy skills, as Walter walks like he is all legs and elbows, and is a clumsy and seemingly inconsequential person, but this is his mask that hides a deep, dark, secret .. Hmm, he’s not what he seems. Shy, gawky, but determined, soulful, and always genuine. Has a great swordfight with the villain of the play!

MR SALZELLA, (M, 40s +), the Music Director, lofty in mind, an opera purist, superior, sarcastic, has his own secrets, and gets to have a swordfight, too! And .. is he the face behind the Opera House Ghost??

CHRISTINE, (F, 20s), an opera star! Young, slim, attractive! Energetic, excitable! And enthusiastic! Maybe not all that bright, and not the best singer, but speaks in sentences where they all end in exclamation marks! Yes! They do!

SELDOM BUCKET, (M, 30s – 60s), wealthy entrepreneur, former Cheese Baron, now new Opera House owner. A big, brassy man flustered with the accounts and totally exasperated with how Opera does and doesn’t work! A fish out of water. A sympathetic character.

DR UNDERSCHAFT, (M 30s-60s), The Chorus Master. Learned, dignified, an opera purist, solemn, committed, passionate. And dead by the end of Act One.

SENOR BASILICA, (M 40s – 60s), a famous Discworld tenor, two-thirds of the Three Tenors, a big man with a bigger heart. But .. not quite what his reputation reports. Some singing skills needed.

MRS PLINGE, (F 40s – 60s), a backstage worker at the Opera House, mother of Walter, gutsy, practical, determined, a little powerhouse of a woman, and mother, yet somewhat nervy and insecure.

ANDREA, (F 20s – 50s), The Accompanist, dedicated teacher, bright, supportive, determined.

This means that the roles below may be doubled-up, or tripled up.

PROLOGUE, (M/F, age open) a storyteller of dramatic voice and actions
DEATH, (M/F, age open) The Grim Reaper. An actor needed to fit into the 2m tall PUPPET Costume.
The VOICE of DEATH (M, age open) , offstage Voice FX, deep, dark, mysterious and mystical.
BASILICA’s MANAGER, (M/F, age open) a bureaucratic type, knows many languages, understands none of them! Badly mis-translates for the great tenor.
ARNO, (M/F, 20s – 70s), the Stage Manager, a stickler for detail, has to be all ticked off on the clipboard
POUNDER, (M/F 40s – 70s), the Opera House Rat Catcher, a methodical grunt of a worker
CRIPPS, (M/F 20s – 70s), the Opera House Scenery Painter. good worker, opportunist
THE GREAT A‘TUIN, (M/F, age open) , an actor in a questionable turtle costume
ELEPHANTS One, Two, Three, Four (M/F, age open) , actors with silly elephant trunks
DISCWORLD CARRIER, (F, age open) A showcase model who shows off a cut-out of Discworld.
SUN AND MOON CARRIER, (M/F, age open) A model showcase model who gestures with props.
COLLETTE, (F 18+), a Ballet Dancer, probably needing an outrageous French accent. A little bit of ballet dancing required. Swan Lake parody stuff.
GISELLE, (F 18+), a Ballet Dancer, probably needing an outrageous French accent. A little bit of ballet dancing required. Swan Lake parody stuff.
SOLANGE, (F 18+), a Ballet Dancer, probably needing an outrageous French accent. A little bit of ballet dancing required. Swan Lake parody stuff.
COACHMAN, (M/F, age open) A brusque, offstage voice.
OPERA PATRONS One, Two, Three, Four. (M/F, age open) Audience members sitting a theatre box getting annoyed with Nanny and Granny’s antics.
THREE THIEVES, (M/F) Age open, naughty people trying to do naughty things
OPERA CHORUS, (M/F, age open), various Opera Chorus Actors need for the “de-masking scene”!!

To arrange an audition time please contact ARENAarts: arenaarts@hotmail.com.au

Preparation: No need to prepare anything. Bring Acting CV and a photo.


6 Apr, 2015
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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(08) 9399 9947


The Latvian Centre (LC Theatre)
60 Cleaver Terrace
Belmont, WA 6104 Australia
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