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One-Act Season

15 Jun, 2014 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Auditions for the Garrick One-Act Season will be held at the theatre on Sunday June 15 from 10am til 12pm.
This year we have 3 plays – all 3 directors will be at the auditions. Synopses character briefs are below.

***PLEASE NOTE: time may be changed – please check back closer to the day for any updates.***


After Life: The Essential Handbook by Emily Theseira

“I had always pictured life after death to be filled with fairy floss clouds and chocolate waterfalls. Oh, how wrong I was.”
Have you ever wondered what comes after death? Throughout history people have asked this question and now, we have an answer. Amber Jennings soon discovers that the great beyond is nothing like any portrayals in the movies. To her surprise there are not only a strict set of rules, but there is actual work to be done. It seems that, in order for the living to have their world, the non-living must do their jobs to keep it running smoothly, or somewhat so. But when a certain man with mysterious agendas arrives, Amber and her team do what anyone on the side of the “good” would assume; eradicate the darkness and keep the light ablaze.
“After Life: The Essential Handbook”, a one act play written and directed by Emily Theseira, answers all those questions we have for so long been seeking. This comedic survival handbook informs us of how not everything is black and white, especially after life.

Character Briefs:
Amber Jennings (b.1995-d.2013) – Died in Royal Perth Hospital of a late detected form of ovarian cancer. Never felt like she belonged in the world of the living. Kind-hearted and fun-loving.
Roy McCoubrey (b.1926-d.1945) – Died in Royal Perth Hospital after being seriously injured during World War II. Welcomes Amber to the world of the dead. Physically strong, smart, capable and caring.
Lawrence O’Connor (b.1924-d.1945) – Died in Royal Perth Hospital after being seriously injured alongside Roy during World War II. Strong, smart, strict and rather theatrical, Lawrence plays on his reputation as the bad guy, even if it is a gross exaggeration.
Fiona Jennings (b.1997-) – Amber’s sister. They are very close so takes her sister’s death very hard. Kind, laid-back and insightful.
William Page (b.1942-d.1962) – Died of a Subdural Haematoma after falling down a flight of stairs in the middle of a prank. Fun, light-hearted, he enjoys the freedom and frivolity of the 21st century and has adapted well to their modern ways.
Ethan Robertson (b.1987-d.1999) – Died of pneumonia. He is very mature for his age and is very loyal to Roy. He seems quite military-like and stand-offish at first, but becomes more relaxed once he gets to know you.
Taylor Jacobs (b.1992-d.2005) Died in a car crash. A bit of a tomboy. Smiles a lot and is very warm and friendly. She makes Amber feel very welcome when she first arrives.
Alexis Levingston (b.1960-d.1978) – Died in a train accident with her older brother, Daniel. Can joke around like William but is more mature and can handle serious situations better.
Daniel Levingston (b.1958-d.1978) – Died in a train accident. Alexis’s older brother. Easily swayed by influential people like Lawrence, he is his right-hand-man.
Nurse (Living) – Can be either male or female. Can play either the Father or Mother, respectively, as well.
Doctor (Living) – Can be either male or female. Can play either the Father or Mother, respectively, as well.
Father (Living) – Amber and Fiona’s Father. Can play either the Nurse or Doctor as well.
Mother (Living) – Amber and Fiona’s Mother. Can play either the Nurse or Doctor as well.


Comatose by Brittany Isaia

16 year old Skye has reached the happiest point in her life: Enjoying year 11, blessed with a perfect family and found true love. Little does she know that this can so easily be taken away from her… When Skye gets into a car accident and put into a comatose state, her life as she has always known it takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

Character Briefs:
Skye’s Spirit: (15-17 year old female) Skye was in a car accident and put into a comatose state, unable to move, but her spirit is awake and desperately searches for answers
Meg: (17-21 year old female) Skye’s older sister. After the accident, Meg’s job is to comfort her distraught mother. This, as well as taking care of her sister’s financial needs,heavily burdens Meg, and she feels as if she is unable to cope.
Jai: (17-21 year old male) Jai is a cancer patient at the same hospital as Skye. He has been through intense chemotherapy and radiation for 12 months, and has lost all his hair. But he is always happy, especially when he is with Meg. Jai should preferably be played by someone who is bald, or willing to shave their hair.
Mother (Veronica): (35-45 year old female) Veronica is the mother of Skye and Meg. She doesn’t take the news of the accident very well and is left distraught. She finds herself unable to cope and falls into a deep depression.
Brie: (15-17 year old female) Brie is Skye’s best friend. She is deeply saddened by the news of the accident, but feels that it is best to let Skye go. She visits the hospital regularly to keep a check on her friend, recount old stories and let her know that is okay to let go.
Addie: (15-18 year old female) Addie bullied Skye all throughout school, but it isn’t until she visits her in hospital that she lets her know why. Addie feels that she is responsible for Skye’s condition and is left feeling incredibly guilty.
Zakary’s Spirit: (15-18 year old male) Skye’s boyfriend. He was in the car at the time of the accident and, unknown to Skye, also left in a comatose state.
Doctor Braitwhite: (35-45 years old) Skye’s doctor and also Zakary’s dad. Doctor Braitwhite is doing his best to remain strong after the accident.
Charlie and Lilac: (7-11 year old male and female) Charlie and Lilac are twins, and also the siblings of Skye and Meg. They were in the car also, but didn’t make it. Charlie and Lilac enter Skye’s dreams and tell her what their life is like now.
Sam: (15-18 year old female) Addie’s girlfriend and a very minor role. Appears onstage with Addie in the final scene. She is the one to notice Skye and Zakary awaking.


Flight of Fancy by Luke Heath

Amanda and Michael Miller are having communication issues. One thing leads to another, and they each decide to plan a surprise holiday for two. But they find out about the plans inadvertently and each thinks the other is having an affair. The confusion reaches a climax when the passports are misplaced two hours before the plane leaves.

Character Briefs:
Amanda: 28-32 – a hyper-organised woman who can’t stand her husband’s lack of organisational abilities. She is always immaculately dressed, and made up.
Mike: 30-35 – a typical Aussie bloke, a freelance writer, invariably disorganised, much to Amanda’s disdain.
Leanne (Travel Agent) – although she is never seen, she is just as important as the other two characters, because she is the catalyst for the conflict. NB Voiceover only. Can be pre-recorded or someone from backstage.
Craig (Travel Agent) – although they work for the same agency, Craig is handling Amanda’s booking and doesn’t realise that there is a double booking. NB Voiceover only. Can be pre-recorded or someone from backstage.


15 Jun, 2014
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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