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A View From The Bridge

16 Jun, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Audition Contact: Production Manager, Seanne Sparrow, at bookings@grads.org.au
Audition Venue: Subiaco Community Centre
Audition Date(s): Saturday 16th June 2018
Audition Time(s): by appointment
Actors are encouraged (but not required) to deliver a short prepared scene, but are certainly required to read from the script, copies of which are available on loan from the Production Manager. Experienced actors are sought for the principal roles. Plan to arrive early to fill out an audition form, or ask for a copy and complete it before you arrive. Please attach your CV and a recent headshot. Be sure to write clearly, especially your contact information. Bring your complete list of your commitments for the rehearsal period. This is a community theatre production, so actors will not be remunerated.
American accents required for all the roles:

Eddie: Male, 40-55
a longshoreman; proud, stubborn, passionate, impulsive; powerful; masculine and virile, but feeling for the first time his own oncoming age and the looming spectre of his diminishing power; when he finds himself in circumstances he cannot control he doesn’t hesitate to use force to gain the upper hand; extremely protective of what is his, especially when it comes to his young niece; increasingly unable to separate reality from fantasy, giving himself the permission to go to great even violent lengths; a fierce temper.

Beatrice: Female, 40-50
Eddie’s wife; big-hearted and generous, she cares deeply for those around her; loyal, perceptive and loving she is very concerned by her husband’s growing physical and emotional distance from her; though her emotions may run as deeply as everyone else’s, she doesn’t have the luxury of letting them show and attempts to exercise her power in other, more subtle ways; she sees her relationship with her husband and her family deteriorating before her eyes. She is anxious to repair the situation any way she can.

Catherine: Female, 20-30
early 20s to play 17; Eddie and Beatrice’s niece, who lives with them; alluring, charming; a bright spirit; Eddie’s overbearing pampering has kept her in a state of arrested development, but she’s begun to come into her own, and is constantly testing the boundaries between being a girl and a grown woman; both excited by and fearful of the outside world; anxious to grow up and make her own life, but frightened of invoking her uncle’s fearsome wrath; doesn’t fully understand the darker side of her uncle’s affection for her until it is too late.

Rudolpho: Male, 20-30
a young Italian immigrant; blond-haired Sicilian; handsome, charming, dashing; masculine and confident; charismatic; enchanted by the romance of America, and has loftier dreams than being a longshoreman; creative and unconventional; stands out in a world where he’s supposed to live in the shadows. Has a tenor singing voice, for a brief song extract.

Alfieri: Male, 50s-60s
an Italian immigrant, now a lawyer in Red Hook, Brooklyn; educated and well-spoken; thoughtful, sympathetic towards Eddie, he tries to help him; acts as the Chorus throughout the play; Principal.

Marco: Male, 20-40
an Italian immigrant; Rudolpho’s brother; hardworking, humble, polite; responsible and practical; has a wife and kids back home in Italy that he needs to provide for, and his obligations to them are never far from his mind; measured and reasonable, but not afraid to use powerful force to resolve a situation that has gone too far; Principal.

Louis: Male, 20-40
a longshoreman and friend of Eddie’s; part of the Italian-American community in Red Hook; working class, with a rough-hewn sense of humour; exchanges easy and colourful banter with Eddie about the goings-on at the docks; may also understudy the role of Alfieri).

Immigration Officer: Male, 30-50
an immigration officer; no nonsense; born and bred in Red Hook he knows this neighbourhood and the people who inhabit it like the back of his hand; he is caught between the black and white demands of his job and a community that has its own equally absolute ethics and rules.

Mike: Male, 30+
A Longshoreman and friend of Eddie’s. Walk on role. May double as a ‘submarine’.

Tony: Male, 30+
A friend of the Carbones. He assists Marco and Rodolpho off the ship and brings them safely to Beatrice’s home. Walk on role: may double as Mr Lipari.

Mr. Lipari: Male, 40+
A butcher who lives upstairs from the Carbone’s. Eddie blames Mr. Lipari for the arrest of Marco and Rodolpho. Walk on role.

Mrs. Lipari: female, 40+
The upstairs neighbour of the Carbone’s. Mrs. Lipari agrees to give Marco and Rodolpho a room in her home when Eddie kicks the men out of his house. Walk on role.

Two “Submarines”: Male, 20s+
Two illegal immigrants hiding upstairs from the Carbone’s in the Lipari house. Walk on roles.

Show details

Show: A View from the Bridge
Author: Arthur Miller
Venue: The Dolphin Theatre
Theatre Company: The Graduate Dramatic Society
Show Dates: October 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th (and a matinee on 20th)
Director: Barry Park
A passionate drama of desire, jealousy and betrayal, ‘A View from the Bridge’ is a classic tragic masterpiece by the legendary Arthur Miller. Hard working Brooklyn longshoreman Eddie Carbone provides sanctuary for his wife Beatrice’s desperate Sicilian cousins who enter the country illegally. When Rodopho embarks on a romance with his wife’s niece, Catherine, Eddie’s touching devotion to her becomes terrifying jealousy. His delusion and progress towards self-discovery play out with devastating consequences and his cataclysmic downfall is shattering. Passionate and frighteningly relevant, this powerful play stirs both the emotions and the intellect.


16 Jun, 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Subiaco Community Centre
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